The 2012 Arsies


Back again with a whole new tournament of brütality. In case you're new to the Arsies, here's how the whole thing works: over the next six weeks, thirty-two of the year's best new metal releases will face off in a purely hypothetical, but nonetheless very real, contest for loud supremacy. Day after day (minus the weekends), two albums will be judged against each other; one will be eliminated forevermore, while the other goes on to greater glory and a new competition... until at last one band will emerge above all others.
Before we begin, here's a quick note on methodology. Unlike last year's tournament, this year's Arsies includes two shorter-length EPs (which had historically been disqualified until now). Let's see how that pans out for Cynic and Between The Buried And Me. While we're at it, you may notice some interesting omissions that might seem like oversights (perennial favorites Opeth among them). Have faith: after months of pre-tournament listens to over 100 releases, there are no blunders in the roster.
And so it begins: January 2!

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